Legacy Step Sequencer Expansion

We took the Max for Live
Legacy Step Sequencer
and added some modifications
just for you!
This one’s on us!
Enjoy responsibly!

$0 Click Here!

Clip Recorder

Like to jam on your laptop?
Seamlessly create
your own grid of clips
in real-time
with the Bit Voltage
Clip Recorder!

$10 Click Here!

Take Folder & Comping Emulator

Are you tracking in Ableton?
Are you capturing multiple takes
and making a comp track?
Let us help you out
the Bit Voltage way!

$15 Click Here!

Loopers’ Delight

Looking for better ways to integrate
live instruments into your performances?
Bit Voltage can help with that.
Check out the brand new
Loopers’ Delight Live Pack!

10.00 Click Here!

Intro to Max for Live

Intimidated by Max for Live?
Well, don’t be!
Bit Voltage makes it easy
to start building your own devices.
Get started with Max for Live
the Bit Voltage way!

25.00 Click Here!

Glitcher Suite

Feeling a little crazy?
Feeling a little weird?
Look no further.
Get weird
the Bit Voltage way!

$15.00 Click Here!
Legacy Step Sequencer Expansion Clip Recorder Take Folder & Comping Emulator Loopers’ Delight Intro to Max for Live Glitcher Suite

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