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Free Download: Simple Reverser

Here, we have another device that was dreamed up by Dallas, TX’s own Max Oepen, who performs under the moniker Spacebar. His request was simple: One button. When pressed down, it records incoming audio into a buffer. When released, it plays back what it just recorded in reverse. See the video below for a demonstration.




Check out some more Spacebar below.



Please feel free to contact with any questions you may have.

Enjoy responsibly!

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Nathan Crepeault, graduate of New York University’s music theory and composition program, is an avid Max for Live user and bassist. Based in Austin,TX, Nathan has been teaching Max for Live with the Bit Voltage crew since his arrival from New York City in early 2011. Nate uses Max for Live to augment Live’s capabilities as a looping tool, alter the functionality of his control surfaces, and tastelessly glitch innocent audio signals.

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    Cool Video!

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