Bit Voltage

Mixing and Mastering

Although Bit Voltage specializes in electronic music and hip-hop, we have the gear and the expertise to take on any project, from acoustic folk to harsh noise.  Did you record in another studio but lack the gear to complete a mix at home?  Do you have a mix that you’ve spent hours beating your head against and just need another set of ears?  We’re here to help you out!  With extremely competitive rates and a great selection of analog and digital tools, we’ll turn a wimpy instrumental into a banger in record time.  We can master to CD using the Red Book standard, create killer high quality files for digital distribution, or even get your tunes ready for a vinyl or cassette release.  To inquire about rates see our Contact page.  For a list of gear and more pictures of our Austin-based project studio, see the Bit Voltage HQ page.