Bit Voltage

Quick Recorder

Do you need a quick and easy way to capture Live’s audio to your hard-drive in real-time, without rendering after the fact? The Bit Voltage Quick Recorder can do just that! Perfect for capturing raw live performances, drag and drop this device into the device chain of a track of your choosing, arm the device and start recording.

You can set a custom file name and path for your recording. OR you can elect to use this device’s default filing structure. In order to do this, you will need to “collect all and save” your set and then click this device’s “reset” button. Now, the device will automatically place the recording directly into your project folder. The device also automatically provides your recording with a file name, which is the name of the track it’s on followed by a ‘date and time’ stamp.

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* This device is part of our Half Price Device$ bundle.

Please feel free to contact with any questions you may have.

Enjoy responsibly!


15 Comments on "Quick Recorder"

  • Kuzma Kuznetsov

    Good day!
    I have some questions about this device:
    1) Is it possible in this device to key map in ableton play and stop buttons?
    2) Is it possible to use more then one device in one project? 3) Is it works only when global play or rec of project is on or not? Regards, Kuzma

    • Good questions! In response…

      1) Yes, you can key (and MIDI) map the play and record buttons. However, there is no “stop” button. The play button works as a toggle switch, so if you want the recording to stop, simply press your “play” button again.

      2) Yes, you can use more than one device in a one project. The device records whatever audio is coming into it. So, if you want to record the audio on a single track, place this device at the end of that track’s device chain. If you want to record audio on the master track, place this device at the end of the master track’s device chain.

      3) This device works whether or not global play and record are enabled.

      • Kuzma Kuznetsov

        Thank’s for feedback.
        I have last question:
        Will this plugin remember “custom filepath & name”
        when I set it once and
        then save and reopen my template of ableton?
        (Now i use One Shot Recorder by Tom Cosm, but it forget filepath everytime)
        Regards, Kuzma

        • Another great question. In response, it will not remember your custom name/filepath when after relaunching Live. However, this is an excellent feature request and I will add it to my queue.

  • Kuzma Kuznetsov

    Also little additional question:
    What bit depth will recorded by this device?

    • By default, it will record at 16 bit. However, I can configure it to record at…

      8-bit integer
      16-bit integer
      24-bit integer
      32-bit integer
      32-bit floating-point
      64-bit floating-point
      8-bit “mu”-law encoding
      8-bit a-law encoding

      Again, this is another solid feature request and I can add a drop-down menu to give the user the option to determine bit depth of the recording. I will let you know when these new features have been implemented.

      • Kuzma Kuznetsov

        Great! Please let me know when this features will be work!
        It is very important for me. Thank’s!

  • Kuzma Kuznetsov

    Thank’s a lot! It’s exactly that I really wanted! Yahoo!

  • tomi

    Hello. Can you add an option for continous record feature. When i press Space-key for pause, it stops the recording.

    • The feature you’ve requested has been implemented. Thanks for reaching out!

  • Shlomo

    Bang on as usual!! Thanks Nate

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