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Quick Recorder Update (Max4Live)!

Ahoy again!

We’re pleased to release an updated version of our Quick Recorder Max4Live device. We’ve added a couple features that are sure to please.

First, we’ve added a drop-down menu to allow for a user-determined bit-depth of recording.


Quick Recorder Interface 2


You can select from the following bit-depths: 8-bit integer, 16-bit integer, 24-bit integer, 32-bit integer, 32-bit floating-point, 64-bit floating-point, 8-bit “mu”-law encoding, and 8-bit a-law encoding.



We’ve also added the ability for this device to recall the custom file path you want your recordings to be saved at. So, when you relaunch your set, the device will place your new recordings in the same location automatically.

NOTE: When the “reset” button is clicked, this device will revert back to its default filing structure wherein this device stores recordings wherever this device is located on your hard drive.



And, finally, we’ve made the device’s “auto-stop” feature optional. So, the device will continue to record for as long as you want it to after you’ve stopped Live’s clock. The auto-stopping behavior can be engaged / disengaged by using the “auto-stop” toggle switch.




To learn more and/or purchase Quick Record, click here.

Please feel free to contact with any questions you may have.

Enjoy responsibly!

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Nathan Crepeault, graduate of New York University’s music theory and composition program, is an avid Max for Live user and bassist. Based in Austin,TX, Nathan has been teaching Max for Live with the Bit Voltage crew since his arrival from New York City in early 2011. Nate uses Max for Live to augment Live’s capabilities as a looping tool, alter the functionality of his control surfaces, and tastelessly glitch innocent audio signals.

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